Suicide Under Capitalism and Thoughts of A Better World

I definitely think that in a better world, there would be significantly less suicide and thoughts of suicide.  By better world, I’m referring to a non-capitalist/anti-capitalist, anti-greed, ecologically focused world in which people were not forced to slave away for a “living.” I imagine this world being similar to the one depicted by William Morris in News From Nowhere.  Not forced to do menial or tedious tasks for pay, people would be free to engage in work or projects of their choice.  People would be less stressed and happier and thus also healthier and able to be kinder and more caring and loving towards each other.  This kindness and loving care would make for much less loneliness.  There would be a better, stronger sense of community and family and friendship among humans.  In this environment people would work, not out of mere need, but out of a desire to help each other, knowing that the quality of everyone’s life is improved by that sort of kindness and helpfulness.  And the quality of other people’s lives would actually matter to people in such a world, unlike people in this world who tend to be solely focused on the quality of their own lives and maybe and their immediate family/friends’ lives. In that kind of a better world, where people would have much more freedom and time to develop relationships with one another and care for one another, emotional awareness and sensitivity would be the norm.   Medicine, no longer a commodity, would truly be for the health and well being of those receiving it.  Cancer and other diseases would be dealt with much more effectively and holistically.  And in a society focused on ecological well being, there would be much less pollution and food would be healthier (no more corporate junk food).   People with a healthier environment would naturally be healthier and cancer rates would decline.   People would not only live longer, but would be healthy up until the very end of their life instead of suffering through months or years of illness.   But sometimes, even in a better world, people would occasionally die early.  And when that happened, the utmost care and loving compassion would be given to the person in their death process and those grieving for them, by their community, friends and family.

But, unfortunately, I don’t live in such a world. And I am suffering from severe depression, sometimes to the point where I consider suicide. It is this kind of social misery that exists in the present world order that is mainly why I am an anti-capitalist. The rampant depression and suicide in the world today is a testament that the status quo system can’t take care of us and we can’t really take good enough care of each other in it.  Health as a commodity doesn’t cut it. We need real care for our health. We are dying of cancers from the pollution and degradation of air, water and food quality, but we are not equipped or set up to really help each other.

There are people who are trying to help create better alternatives to the status quo. The Occupy Movement was an example of such an attempt. But as long as the capitalist system remains intact and running the world, these little quality of life projects–while they are certainly worthwhile and able to help some people–can only do so much and the overall misery under capitalism for most of the people in the world remains. I would like to see more efforts and projects to improve the quality of our lives here in this world given what we have to work with.

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